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Get three months in the EAP training program for 20% off!

May I ask you some questions...?

1 - Are you constantly losing in the Forex market?

2 - Are you frustrated with strategies that don't work and inconsistency in your trading?

3 - Are you tired of jumping from strategy to strategy with no positive outcome?


Try the EAP! 


EAP stands for email analysis program. This program includes a comprehensive course that gives you access to the secrets behind the trading system that I use in the market every day. This is also the same system that I use to send email analysis for the EAP. By subscribing to the EAP you also become a part of an exclusive first priority email list that I use to assist you every step of the way on your journey to becoming a profitable independent trader! 


Below is what some of my clients have said about the EAP. 

Click the button below to learn more about the EAP!

* Here is what some of my clients have to say about the EAP and how it has helped them improve their trading! PS: Place cursor over box to stop and read testimonial!

What do we offer?

Forex training programs/courses

The Trading Channel offers a wide range of Forex training courses and programs for all different experience levels.


If your goal is to become a professional trader then we have a course, program or both that can help you achieve that goal!


To learn more about the programs and courses that we offer click the button below!

Free Forex analysis and videos

Do you like Free Forex stuff? If so then you came to the right place!


Sign up for our mailing list to receive FREE Forex analysis on trades that I take and to get your copy of the Advanced Butterfly tutorial that is exclusive to my website members!


You will also get the first opportunity for and notice of any promotional deals that I have on my upcoming products and courses! Click The Button Below!

EAP Subscription Service

The EAP is a subscription service that is paid for on a monthly or yearly basis. In this program I share all of my knowledge by sending you an in depth email analysis three to five times a week (sometimes less and sometimes more ). This, in time, will teach you exactly what I look for in the market!


Along with the email analysis you also receive a training/recap video each week. This video will be held in a private membership area of the website, which you will have access to. In this video I explain the reasons for entry and strategies that I use throughout the week to take the same trades that I sent out as email analysis.  This is great for anyone struggling with consistency, or if you just want to learn the strategies that I use in the various markets every day. 


This is information that I have not shared on YouTube or any other educational platform. This program gives you access to all of my secrets for trading in the Forex market for less than the cost of three months of Netflix. Invest in yourself and click the button below to learn more about the EAP!

Aggressive Entry Course

Have you been waiting for something like this? I have decided to take one of the most successful strategies of the EAP and offer it as a one-time payment course. The aggressive entry has been one of the most popular strategies amongst my clients, mainly because of how easy it is to learn and how well it performs.


In the Aggressive Entry Course you will learn how to apply one of my most successful strategies, which I use in the market on a daily basis. In addition you learn how to backtest the aggressive entry, create a spreadsheet that you can use to calculate money management, formulate risk managment plans, and more. 


Right now I am opening this course only to 100 clients at a time. The reason for this is so I can give these 100 clients as much attention as possible while they go through the course. Also, the first 100 clients to sign up for the Aggressive Entry Course will receive a 50% discount off the normal price of the course.


If you are among the first 100 to sign up, this course will cost you less than one month of cable tv or internet, and the potential gain you could receive from the strategies I will share is exponential.


Become one of the first 100 clients and claim your 50% discount now! 

APMP subscription service

APMP stands for Advanced Pattern Mentor Program. This program is for traders who are interested in learning more about Advanced Patterns. In this program you receive access to exclusive Advanced Pattern training videos and material that is only available to APMP members. Specifically,  I share in detail the rules for three different advanced patterns and how I trade them on a daily basis. You also receive educational material on how to backtest these patterns and how to set up a spreadsheet that can help you formulate your own customized risk and money management plans.


Also by subscribing to the program you receive my exclusive Advanced Pattern watchlist. This watchlist will be sent out three to five days a week and shows you all the Advanced Patterns that I plan to take advantage of at any given period of time. This information will truly help you  understand how I analyze, assess and trade Advanced Patterns. Moreover, the educational content that comes with this program will also help anyone who is struggling to accurately identify Advanced Patterns.

Last but not least, subscribing to the program means you have first priority email. In other words, if there is anything you have trouble with or do not understand about Advanced Patterns, I am here to answer any of your questions or concerns. Click the button below to learn how to pre-register for the APMP and get 50% off the lifetime of your subscription!

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Courses and Programs

EAP subscription service

- EAP stands for Email Analysis Program ( EAP ). This is our flagship program here at The Trading Channel. The EAP is perfect for novice as well as experienced traders. The purpose of the EAP is to show you exactly what I look for during an analysis before entering a trade. I share the strategies, tricks and secrets that I have learned in the past several years trading in the Forex markets. In this program I teach traders how to do technical analysis. However, knowing how to do technical analysis by itself is not enough. You must know how to apply that technical analysis to make informed trading decisions in the real market. In the EAP I teach traders how to use technical analysis to find better trading opportunities using my own personalized strategies that work!

What do you get with the EAP?

 1 - When you sign up for the EAP you receive access to an exclusive member-only page of the website. Here you will find all of the training and recap videos for the EAP.
2 - Along with the training/recap videos, I send you three to five email analysis trades per week. This way you can compare your analysis to mine and see if you are doing it correctly. If the trades meet the rules of your trading plan, then it is like having another set of professional eyes on the market!
3 - If you still need more content after the training videos and the email analysis in order to fully understand the trading system, then do not worry! You also receive a weekly recap video that revisits all of the trades that we took throughout the previous week; guiding you through the analyses I did and the strategies that I used.   

What is the price for the EAP?

How much for all of this? Expensive right?

Not true at all! What if I told you that you could get all of this for less than what most people pay for coffee every month? This program is a subscription service, which means it is paid for monthly. According to google the average working citizen in the US coughs up about $20 a week on coffee (crazy right), which is $80 a month. It is crazy enough knowing that the program cost less than what the average jobholder spends on coffee every month, but what if I told you all of the great material in this program costs you less than half of what the average jobholder spends on coffee each month? That's right! For a limited amount of time I am offering this program at a special discounted price of $39.99 a month for the lifetime of your subscription! Most workers in the US spend twice that much on coffee each month... so why not invest in yourself instead and take the first step in your journey to becoming a profitable trader! Click the button below the take advantage of this offer and purchase your EAP subscription today for $39.99!

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Join our mailing list today

If you are interested in receiving free email analysis each week, discussing trades that I am taking and my reasons for entry, then you have come to the right place!


If you sign up for our email list, not only will you get that free email analysis, you will also receive a free video tutorial. This video tutorial will show you how I trade one of my favorite advanced patterns, the Butterfly Pattern! You will also receive special promotional discount offers on upcoming courses, so make sure to click the button below and sign up for our email list. That is a lot of value for FREE!

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EAP Emailed Analysis

EURCAD entry : 1.4717s

EURCAD target : 1.4645s

Winner of 53 pips! ( 2nd position still running )

Start the EAP today!

Sign up for the EAP today and receive emailed analysis like the examples above three to five times per week and get all the great educational content that comes with your subscription. Purchase the EAP by clicking the button below! Get in on this limited time offer while it is still around! Talk to you soon!
EAP results 7/26/16 - 12/13/16
Equity curve
Email analysis spreadsheet
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