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Benefits of being an EAP member

Rules based system
You will learn strategies that are completely rule based. No more guessing or trading without clearly defined rules, like with other courses I have seen.
Training course
As a member, you will have total access to the EAP training course. This course will show you exactly how I read structure in the markets and the specific entry reasons and strategies that I use to place trades for email analysis in the EAP. This way, you can test the system yourself and really learn how to be an independently profitable trader!
Email analysis
 You will receive between 3 and 5 emails a week of trades that I am taking based on the rules that I teach in the EAP training course. Each email will have my specific structure analysis and the reason for entry on each trade to help shorten your learning curve of the EAP system. NOT FOR SIGNAL SERVICE.
Priority email
As a member of the EAP, I will always get back to you in a timely manner when you have questions about the training course or general Forex questions.
Low cost
Only a fraction of the price compared to other similar courses that cost thousands of your hard earned dollars.
No lock in contract 
Cancel anytime by sending me an email at and I will cancel your subscription within 48 hours.
Swing trades for a busy schedule
Trades normally placed on the hourly or four-hour chart, so people with a busy schedule can still follow along.

What are you getting with your EAP subscription?

Full training course

Training course

With this course, you will learn my exact rules based strategies that I use to send out the email analysis. This is a system that I use every day In the Forex market! This course will include video tutorials of 5 different strategies that I use with the EAP, and backtesting tutorials for each separate strategy, to ensure that you know how to backtest the strategies. This way you can test the EAP strategies for yourself to gain confidence and decide wether or not it is a system that you would like to incorporate into your trading. This course has already helped a lot of traders, check out my testimonials page and see for yourself. It would be my pleasure to have you aboard here at the EAP. Hope to hear from you soon!
EAP training course

 Email Analysis

Live Email Analysis

Enjoy 3 - 5 analysis emails per week. Sometimes less, Sometimes more depending on market conditions. Get live email alerts of trades that I am taking and, more importantly, detailed analysis of why I am taking that trade. This will be extremely beneficial for your trading. Think about it; if you could see why a professional trader takes trades and look over his shoulder for 6 months or a year or longer, how much do you think that would improve your trading ability and psychology?
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Weekly Video Recap/Training video

At the end of each week, I will be recording an exclusive video for members only. In this video I will be recapping the previous week of emailed trades, going over the wins and losses and going even deeper into the analysis that went into each trade. This way you will understand exactly what I look for every day in the market in order to place the trades. Most people will learn more from watching a video than reading an email. When you combine the emails with the video recap, this will be a powerful tool for Learning the EAP strategies.